Our story

Susan Lane Goeckner is the face, hands and heart behind Ivy Lane. She was born just 20 minutes outside of Bloomington, in the small rural town of Heyworth. She discovered her love for baking at a young age when her mother encouraged her to be self-sufficient.

The first thing Susan learned to bake were brownies, but her sister, Beth, stole the show and they were no longer just “brownies”…they were “Beth’s brownies.” That’s when Susan decided she had to find an item she could bake so well that everyone insisted on putting her name before it’s name. That’s how “Susan’s sugar cookies” were born. It’s a recipe that she’s been perfecting for years.

In 2001, Susan married her husband, John. They have two children, Lane and Ivy. The name Lane came from Susan’s maiden name and the name Ivy stemmed from Susan and John’s love for the Chicago Cubs.

Susan has raised her children the same way her mother raised her. The Goeckner family can spend hours at a time together in the kitchen, especially around Christmas time when thousands of cookies are made for friends and family. The thought of opening a public bakery has been brewing for years, but was just a dream…until now.

Ivy Lane Bakery is scheduled to open the weekend of April 14th from the hours of 8am to 2 pm. Susan’s hope is that her customers feel a sense of warmth as soon as they walk into the bakery. She wants her customers to be able to taste the quality ingredients and care that goes into her baked goods.

Susan also wants her customers to know that 100% of the profits Ivy Lane makes from their Gobena coffee will go to orphan care. In addition to this, Ivy Lane will donate 25 cents to Ebenezer Children’s Home in Uganda, a place that is near and dear to her and her family’s hearts.

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